Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weigh in at 10 days ......................................

Blue boy puppy weighs 1.313kg or 46 ounces.

Yellow girl puppy weighs 1.19kg or 42 ounces.

White girl puppy weighs 1.07kg or 38 ounces.

Big black boy puppy weighs 1.39kg or 49 ounces.

Puppy formation ........

Blue boy puppy
Yellow girl puppy
White girl puppy
Black boy puppy

10 day old puppies having a feast.......

Remember to turn sound on: Bigger puppies with bigger action on the nipples. Note the pumping and pulling action. The puppy in front of picture is moving her head around using the sense of smell to locate nipple for sucking on. Puppies are still deaf/blind using their sense of smell to locate Mom, a food source. To play video click on black arrow Lt.corner below picture frame.

Sharing space the puppy way....

10 days old

Big boy puppy now has a black collar. As the puppies continue to grow it is harder to distinguish between the boys. With the girl puppies, the little girl has a white patch which looks like the no 7 in this picture making it easy to identify her.

Puppies never stay in one position too long even when they are sleeping.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Puppy head rest on pig rail (PVC piping).

Four puppies in a basket.

Four puppies on 4 nipples all in a row. Which ever way fits!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Puppy love .........................

Something is crawling up my neck ...........

Wrestling puppies............

Competition starts at an early age ......who is going to get to lie on their back.

Puppies in warming box which can be kept warm with hot water bottles, heating pad on low or a heating lamp mounted above. This allows for cleaning of whelping box an ongoing change of sheets/towels.

Checking out who is at the feeding station........

Rose keeping eye on pup ----------->

Puppy attempting escape over the pig rail, out of the whelping box under the watchful eyes of Mom Rose.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Puppies are 7 days old ..............................

NOTE: puppy collars off, identifying puppies with white mark on body parts using white out.

This is white girl puppy who already has a inherited white mark on chest, a white star just like Mom Rose.

White girl puppy on tummy.

First born, big black puppy with white mark on Rt. side of body.

Second girl, yellow puppy with white out mark on rear end.

Blue male puppy with white mark on head.

Tilting the scale .............

First born, black male puppy now weighing in at 1.08 kg. Soon will need another weigh tray.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Introducing puppies at 5 days

Blue boy puppy .............

Yellow girl puppy ........

White girl puppy ..........

Big black boy puppy ...............

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sleeping positions of weim puppy

First the puppy starts on his back. Note how long the nails are as seen by the white tips. Enlarge picture by clicking on it and you will see the nails. The nails need to be cut so as not to scratch the mother while nursing. As seen in previous pictures how the puppies knead/massage to aid the flow of mild into the nipples.

Starting to half turn onto side.

Touching toes with front paws connecting to the back paws as pup is now lying sideways.

A little stretch complete with sticking out tongue.

Final resting position for a little while. The puppies are seen to twitch throughout their development with ears flapping, tongue movements etc.

Day 4 in the life of a weim puppy

Puppy huddle, all puppies competing for the nipples with the most milk.

This little weim is either catching his or her breath before another nipple suck or is completely filled up for a little while.

Weim cuddle after a satisfying meal.

Puppies will accommodate any position in order to achieve that nipple suck. The bigger boy puppy had bulldozed his way underneath the smaller girl puppy who is hanging onto the nipple for all its worth!

Still no opening of eyes....... puppies will remain blind and deaf for several more days.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 3 in the life of weim pups

Nursing pup with her own space

Soon joined by brothers and sister,

The workout begins..

Prime spot for milk flow is towards the tail end....

Filled to the brim with full tummies followed by a siesta til next feeding.........

Pup cuddle or huddle.....

Rose bonding with daughter .......

Nose to nose .........

Quiet time with Mom ............

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feeding time.......

Puppies use their front paws to knead and massage around the nipple they are attached to for the release of more milk for feeding. Even at just a day old, puppies are quite adapt at moving in a swimming motion while in the whelping box.

[Remember to turn your sound on to hear the puppies....]

Rose and her puppies born Jan.22/08 1:00am

Rose's puppies have arrived.....

Rose had four puppies born Jan.22/08 at 1:00am. Two boys and two girls.

Here is Mom with her puppies in the whelping box after a very busy night.

Here are the puppies working hard with their little paws doing circle massages around the nipples to stimulate a steady flow of milk.

The puppies tongues can often being seen latched upon Mom's nipple.

Weigh in weim puppy on a kitchen digital scale.

Biggest boy weighed in at .590kg to the smallest girl weighing in at .390kg.

Take a break time....

One contented fat little puppy..... at least for a little while.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Food has arrived and so have weims ........

Winston tries stand up and notice me look.
Rose takes a passive stance but remains watchful.

Rose takes over the stand up and see me while Winston takes a break but maintains his vigil for any food that may come his way. Persistent and ever hopeful a morsel will come their way.