Monday, May 31, 2010

Outside activities in the yard,

Aramis at 15 weeks in a pose.

I think this speaks for itself, ' Look at me '

Rose/Lily on watch the trails outside the yard.

Weim patrol in action.Noise heard beyond the fence. Winston, Aramis wtih Rose/Lily.

Boys leave the girls to do the watch....

Rose's hair raises to the occasion in response to a visual seen on trail beyond the fence.

Rose with her son, Aramis.

Lily and Rose working as team in squirrel surveillance.

The line up for house entry.

House Rule: must sit on mat to dry wet paws off to receive award

My several attempts to get a good picture of all the weims sitting together.

Enjoying the swing

More enjoyable lying down on the swing versus sitting on it. A Rose head in foreground.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Aramis 15 weeks old

Aramis keeping Lily company on the love seat.

While Lily engages in kneading/sucking of her toy, Aramis watches the TV which appears to be showing a reflection off the screen of the other weims.

Weims can be very photogenic, sometimes in unusual positions. Here Aramis likes to sit back on his tail bone appearing to be quite happy to remain in this position for awhile. And did not appear to be camera shy at all.!

Aramis and favorite ball.

Keeping an eye on the ball just in case someone decides to move it!

Mom Rose has decided she would like the ball to play with.

Aramis attempts to reclaim the ball by showering kisses on her forehead.

Aramis has the ball..

Now I have the ball and Aramis' undivided attention.

Rose and Aramis pictured together...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ARAMIS, 14 weeks

Aramis sleeping on top of Mom (Rose)