Sunday, April 24, 2011

WHO is coming TO dinner or should I say WHO is coming FOR dinner


CERVELO is very far

This is ROSE'S favourite pasta dish. Rose happened to get a sample of it off the counter when she thought no one was watching.
Tempting....sure smells good

CERVELO notices the pasta is disappearing fast. Maybe time to make a move....

Time for action, CERVELO makes his move..
Did CERVELO get his pasta? What do you think?

PINK attempting to move the pillow for more room on the couch.
I hear my name.....PINK
PINK's ear in motion
Nothing like a good chew on the super strength KONG which has incredibly survived Cervelo's teeth.
Paw speaks for possession.....MINE !!

You called my name...
It was a good chew!!

PINK, back feet on the arm chair, front paws on the couch
PINK 5 months old
ROSE and her daughter, PINK

WINSTON, PINK with ROSE waiting for a space on the couch
ROSE sitting on the edge of her seat...just while Winston and Pink snooze away.

PINK finding Winston's back end an acceptable pillow.
FINALLY there are now three weims in a row on the couch
ROSE, PINK with WINSTON at the far end (right sd.)

PINK in full stretch ....
CERVELO upside down with PINK sitting with her bottom and back legs on the arm rest. Unusual pose! So took the picture.


PINK and ROSE curled together....

Senior weim, WINSTON

WEIM head shots....Guess who ?

The stretching PINK again..... this girl just loves to take over the entire couch!
PINK does share with others


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CERVELO/HANNAH'S PUPS 6 weeks old and VINCI, 5 months old

VINCI, at 5 months, quite enjoying a cuddle with BLUE boy pup now 6 weeks old.

VINCI sharing a treat with BLUE pup (6 weeks old)

VINCI being playful with Hannah.

Contented pup in puppy dreamland, somewhere warm/cozy.

Puppies now at 6 weeks getting into Spring fever.

Six pups getting some air....

VINCI, 5 months old going for a independent walk with BLUE pup