Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Still winter, still some snow....


The look of weims in winter




LILY on the move




The stairway to a warmer inside. A weim lineup.

At last , the fireplace.

                                                                  CERVELO'S  bone

                                             Rose enjoying the sun warmth

                                                                PINK's  favourite position stretched full length to catch some sun

PINK tries to find a spot on one of the pet beds close to the fireplace. However nobody, ie non of the weims are moving to accommodate her. So she continues to stand making her presence known

And PINK continues to stand while the other weims totally ignore her.

After longingly looking at the fire

Demands a little more attention from Lily

Still no movement from either weim so decides she is leaving

                                                        Leaving just two weims on their pet beds close to the fire

HUGO loving the comfort of two pet beds leaving Lily to deal with less space.

Unfortunately rainy days are still here. Wet Weims drying off on the mat

CERVELO making a statement.

The progression of  a developing bark as follows


CERVELO  fetching his duck

a duck drop

now, what would you like me to do with the duck ?

ROSE and PINK , mother, daughter  sharing a pet bed


Winter days spent close to the fireplace