Sunday, August 24, 2014

Time for a cruise in the Miata, Cervelo , the chosen weim for this special ride as a ' front seat driver ' and a ' back seat driver ' : )


Stack in Miata


Laid back LILY .....





Boys and their toys .....

 CERVELO had enough of holding his de stuffed toy

 HUGO  wins the toy holding contest

                                                CERVELO  doing his  ' sookie '  on his toy while Hugo continues to hold his toy. What jaw strength !!!


 CERVELO  chilling out..

upside down weims ....Hugo and  Rose

Hugo loves to display his pearly whites which actually are very very nice without use of whitening toothpaste ; )

Lily making a statement.... the toys are all mine !

 PINK  not my mess .....

Suntanning weims like ducks all in a row ...



CERVELO and his  ' nooking '  all action with paws, claws, nose and teeth.


               LILY with her nooking style ...

Cervelo  finding the balls which were hidden from him. He loves those balls too much !  Now if only he could get just one of the balls .

 HUGO watching Cervelo with great interest

                                                      PINK and HUGO sharing the pet bed.