Sunday, October 19, 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the RoseWin Weimarnarers : )

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Guess who ? 

                                  Now can you guess which weim this is ?

          PINK    CERVELO    ROSE    LILY   HUGO  


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vancouver Weimararner walk on the first day of Autumn, Sept.21 ,2014 with 11 weims , gray and blue including Maggie.

Meet and greet at Buntzen Lake 

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Grays and Whites

Twin grays and Twin whites 

  Lots of sand to run on 

Weims on the move 


 Getting ready to walk to the end of the Lake 

people legs and weim legs 

The trek to the end of the Lake on a hot autumn's day ...

We made it to the other end of the Lake ......

Weims find water and lots of it ....

Lets crash the photo op ...........

How about a snack ?   

Cooling off  hot paws ....

Weims around the table with  one exception a 4 short legged, wire-coated, weim wanna-be, ' Maggie '


 polite weims patiently wait for a treat

Weim roll in the grass .... 

Not able to be polite anymore....bring on the treats !

Weims checking out the picnic ...? any leftovers or handouts  ; )

The group photo taken by Sa Isaacs 

Photos by myself and