Thursday, June 15, 2017

Photos taken 2017- 06- 10 Pups 13 weeks old. Time spent with Mom Pixie + Grandma PINK outside . Pixie spending bone time with Cervelo.

FIND the paw, there is one paw extended out of the crate ......

Boy pup, Steele is finding himself pushed out of the crate by his sister who has grown in size along with him. Might be time for two separate crates !

FIND the weim, she is in there but you have to look real hard to find her.

Running the tiers.

Grandma PINK

Pixie + Cervelo enjoying their bones together with Pixie of course lying on both pet beds.

 Now it is girl pup's time for a bone chew. She had her own bone but just wanted to chew on her brother's bone.

Crate time for girl pup

Brother + Sister cuddle

Contrast grey colors 
 the softer look...


the brighter look ....

Photos taken 2017 - 06 - 04 Puppies 12 weeks old . Mom Pixie decides to join the pups on the sunny deck after weeks of rain.

Mom, Pixie enjoying the sun's warmth

Girl pup giving Mom space.....

Pixie inviting the pups to play ...