Sunday, August 20, 2017

2017-07-23 photos Highlight of this month was the Sporting Dog Specialty with Pixie, Bos + Talo

Bos  + C-dog being couch potatoes

Bos' preference for couch sitting is straddling the two couches

 Cervelo in play mode

Cervelo's ball 

Pixie + Bos playing

Pixie + Bos having cuddle time on the pet bed , some puppy kisses as well

 Candid photo shots of the Sporting Dog Specialty at Hazelmere Park

Pixie as a Special competing after whelping a litter of 8 puppies March 12/2017.
Pixie won Best of Opposite for 2 days of the Sporting Dog Specialty.

Pixie's brother, Talo won Best of Breed and Best In Specialty Show.

Bos 's first dog show as Baby Puppy 4 1/2 months old winning Best Baby Puppy and Best Baby Puppy in Sporting Group Specialty.

 Pixie + handler, Michelle

Pixie's brother, Talo with Heidi as handler, at the beginning of lineup with Pixie + handler Michelle at the end of line up

Pixie with Michelle wearing red dress

Talo ,Pixie's brother  with handler, Heidi wearing pink top black skirt.

Pixie with Michelle wearing red dress....

Bos with handler, Vienna competing for baby puppy in breed

Coreen + Talo waiting for Sporting Group

In Sporting Group Lineup
Coreen + Talo

 Bos competing for Best Baby Puppy In Group with handler, Jenn Mcmullan

' BOS '  Rosewin's Legacy In Time 



Conformation for Specialty Judge Keith Simmons from New Zealand

Best Baby Puppy  of Breed handled by Vienna Yeadon

Best Baby Puppy In Group handled by Jenn Mcmullan Driesdan

What an HONOUR to have Talo awarded the Group Specialty Show at the Sporting Dog Club Of BC under Judge Keith Simmons from NZ. Special thanks to Heidi Gervais for all that you have done for this Special Boy and handling him through the Breed level and for believing in him that his day would come. Thank you to Donna Alarie for choosing Icon for your girl Pink and Doc Coulas for all your mentoring.
This Boy is just getting started!