Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stellar Jays and Squirrrels love this time of year...

At this time of the year I put out peanuts for the Stellar Jays. Usually I put the peanuts in a tray on a table top. I am using a dog show water bucket suspended from a pole to put the peanuts in. The Jays learned quickly where the peanuts were as well as the Douglas squirrel who would aggressively chase the birds away from the peanut source.

Stellar Jay and the peanuts in the bucket.

The Jays will try and stuff at least two of the peanuts in their beaks if able to. They will selectively chose the peanuts which to take and if able, two smaller ones in their beak is the choice over one peanut!!!

Squirrel making an appearance with the Stellar Jay looking waiting for a turn at the bucket.

Squirrel hunt..........

The weims hear the squirrel moving among the tree branches ....

The squirrel has a tree to balcony route which the weims can hear but not see.....

Rose is waiting for the squirrel's arrival at the bucket.

All weims to attention. Here comes the squirrel!!

Squirrel has jumped off the roof onto the lattice making its way to the suspended bucket containing the peanuts.

Not at all perturbed with the weim audience who are watching very intently.

Head first into the bucket. Peanut level must be low.

Rose is just under the peanut bucket making sure there are no fallen peanuts into the planter.

Weims checking for any peanuts which may have fallen among the flowers.

Here is the culprit exciting the weims .
Of course no weims are around.

Squirrel is looking for any peanuts which may have fallen out of the bucket.

A reward. A peanut is found behind the bear.

Sharing either the couch or bed space.....

Lily and Rose accommodating each other on the leather couch making space among the pillow and blanket.

Rose and Winston sharing one side of the bed with Rose and her pillows, one for the head the other keeping her back warm.Winston just happy to be on the bed doesn't matter if he has a pillow or not!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Make room for me please......

The two boys, Winston/Cervelo are enjoying their sleep on the couch ignoring Rose who has decided she would like a spot on the couch as well. Cervelo, despite his mother, Rose almost lying on him continues to sleep.

Rose remains patient but those back legs are starting to sag. Takes alot of work to hold this position.

As Rose's legs slowly collapse ontop of Cervelo's head he simply move his head off to one side but still does not move off the couch.

Rose resigned to having to accomodate to the boys who were quite content in their positions and not to move for Rose or anyone else for that matter. Cervelo did not seem to mind his mother sitting on him as seen in this picture.

Sleep expressions, Winston and Rose.

Paw placement during sleeping.


Winston likes to cross his legs. I loved the paw look so took this picture. Big paw pads!!

Rose, the ballerina....

Rose reminds me of a ballerina, starting with one leg pointing straight up for a few minutes then slowly, ever so slowly, lowers.

The one leg is gradually lowering with the back feet up holding this position for a fair length of time. Long enough for me to find the camera and take a good picture.

The finale of sleeping expressions was:

Winston still in his crossed leg position with Rose shown now with only her back feet in the air. Both remaining in this position for several hours.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eyes only for ' bait '

All eyes on the bait, be it a toast crumb, bran flake, whatever..the eyes are there.

CERVELO, ROSE, ROSE and WINSTON in bottom picture.


Girls in action.... boy not in action

Cervelo watching the two girls in action. Their actions caught my eye as I watched them chase a fly or moth. Not sure but whatever it was, it was small !

Whatever those girls are doing, I quite content to stay just where I am.