Thursday, December 17, 2009

Xmas Weimaraners DEC. 2009 MERRY CHRISTMAS

From our household all of us ie people and weims, we would like to wish everyone and anyone a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS followed by a HAPPY NEW YEAR with HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY for 2010 !!

**NOTE: All the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on each one**

It is tradition in our home to pull out the Xmas Bear and his special tree decorated with lights/ornaments then have all our weimaraners pose for pictures. Of course to get into the spirit of Xmas all weims wear the appropriate apparel, first the Santa Hats followed by the Reindeer antlers.

Wearing Santa Hats, from left to right, Winston, Rose, Lily and finally Cervelo.

For a different look a change in the line up with another background. From left to right, Winston, Cervelo, Rose and Lily.

Position change with another line up, the two boys together, left <-> right, Winston, Cervelo, Rose and Lily

Change of scenery and line up.

Now moving into the family room for change of scenery and position, wearing of the antlers, left <-> right sitting in the leather chair, Lily and Cervelo with Winston/Rose in front on the snowflake mat. The reward for posing and wearing those silly antlers was several yummy doggie treats.

Switching from antlers to Santa Hats was much more comfortable for the weims as the hats fit over those long soft sensitive gray ears.

In this picture there is a change in the line up. Mother/son, Rose/Cervelo, in front of the leather chair on the snowflake mat with Father/daughter, Winston/Lily sitting in the chair.