Thursday, May 25, 2017

****FEMALE PUP AVAILABLE**** from Cervelo, BIS / MBISS CAN/AM INTERNATIONAL GRAND CH RoseWin Anson's Cervelo X Pixie AM/CAN GR CH ROSEWINS ICONIC RNWAY V TARGET. Litter whelped March 11/2017. Pictures taken 2017-05-24 of two pups now 10 weeks old.

Female pup in photos without a collar is available to a loving forever home . If interested please contact me at my e-mail address

Mom Pixie with daughter 

Brother (blue collar ) with Sister 

Mom Pixie looking more like herself post litter, natural whelp with puppies

First time on stairs 

Pixie + her pups

Pixie + pups 

Grandma PINK

Exploring garden