Sunday, November 22, 2015

Highlights for the month of November, Vancouver BC Weim Walk had a Buntzen Lake hike Novmber 8 with a good turn out of weims + their owners`Rosewin Weim pups of PINK x Icon litter are a year old born Remembrance Day November 11, 2014 with their mother, PINK turning 5 yrs. of age November 9 .

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PINK x Icon pups celebrate their first birthday , Remembrance Day November 11.

TALO lives Prince George 

STORM living on Vancouver Island

HUDSON , living in the Lower Mainland....


COUCH  POTATOES  after exercise 

All weims getting in on the action 

Enjoying Costco pet bed delux ...

Even the couch will do ....

All couch space taken 

Whose toy ? 

Some fun with shadows

A new weim look ....

Mother + daughter time

Grandma Rose 

Getting cozy with fur 

Fall leaves 

Being the  'Gray Ghost ' 



Weims together in play and in enjoying grass scents ...

PINK  reprimanding her daughter, Pixie.

PIXIE talking back to PINK

Pixie laying her paw on Mom's back as challenge or apology ???

PIXIE on a point , transfixed on something ???

Lily + Pixie

First there were 4

Then there were 5

And finally there was 6

CERVELO  + PIXIE checking out smells in the fall garden, might be a few  fallen tomatoes off the tomato plants

CERVELO  on a point, bird in bush ? or a still squirrel pretending not to be there.....

Still holding point

and holding, oblivious to other weims around him...

A true hunter ....

WEIM  PAW IMPRINT on the West Coast , BC


This incredible mosaic, by artist Vojna Bastovanovic