Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forest creek, CERVELO/ROSE




LILY always in front of the pack waiting for the others to catch up





Leading the pack, Rose, followed by Lily, Winston, Cervelo.

This was a steep trail, single track the weims travel up. I liked their line up so took the picture. I had to cheat a little by pretending to throw a stick maintaining their attention as well as remaining still long enough for a picture.




ROSE, LILY / CERVELO have found something somewhere up above.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Weimaraner Weekend... Scorch's brother Lennox has a sleep over weekend with the pack. Scorch/Lennox are 18 weeks in these pictures.

Pictures were taken June 3 - 6, 2010

A lot of GRAY.....

Back row, right to left, Rose, Winston, a Lily nose
Front row, right to left, Scorch, Lennox, Cervelo.

Surrounded by weims as I eat an apple. Rule#1 don't eat in front of weims or be prepared for stares and drool !

Same line up as above except Lily now can be seen.

Sleep over weekend for Scorch's brother, Lennox who feels right at home with all the GRAYS.

Scorch on the left with brother, Lennox on right. Brothers easy to distinguish from each other with Scorch all gray,Lennox with white chest patch like Mom, Rose.The boys are now 18 weeks old.

Attempts at a group picture.


Rose and Lennox,

Lennox/big brother, Cervelo

Rose with sons, Lennox/Cervelo

Scorch on the move as soon as the camera points his way.

Scorch with Cervelo.

My attempts at trying to get a weim lineup for a group photo.

Weims find their sun as you can see. Two weims lined up right in the sun shine strip.

Rose keeping a watchful eye on Scorch/Lennox

Scorch/Lennox jockeying for a sun shine spot.

All weims have found their sun spots.

The fun moves indoors...




Sharing a hedgehog?

Nope. Think not..

No, its mine.

Both boys are determined to have the hedge hog.

Problem solved. Give another hedgehog!

Scorch savoring his hedgehog.


Lennox getting down to business..with some serious kneading.

Togetherness at opposite ends of the couch. Lennox/Scorch sharing couch enjoying their stuffed hedgehogs.

By the end of the weekend I successfully took a weim group picture. The elusive Scorch was finally caught in some of the pictures with much cajoling and bribery with treats!!

Weim order: Lt-> Rt. Lennox, Scorch, Lily, Rose, Cervelo, Winston