Sunday, October 25, 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from RoseWin Weimaraners

At the left to right, Winston, Lily, Cervelo, Rose



***More pictures to follow with the boys dressing up with hats/ties
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Next, the boys looking dapper for Halloween.

The boys looking dapper for Halloween....

Which would look better? Hats on or off?

CERVELO with WINSTON to the right

at the left, CERVELO / WINSTON

****A group picture to follow with the boys getting together with the girls in their dress ups *****

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Getting together for a night out with the girls.....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weims in the garden.............

Each weim, Cervelo in front, Winston lying down with Lily beside him and Rose in the rear all chose their poses independently for a picture.

***I want a better view click on the picture for enlargement***

In this picture I did arrange their poses which they held for me with the promise of a ' treat '. To the left, Cervelo, Rose, Lily and Winston to the far right.

In this picture, Max our senior resident a Chesapeake Bay Retriever decided to join the pack seeing there were treats involved.

Lily poses in the garden with her attention on birds feeding on the hanging suet cake. Holding her position must have been hard as she is very birdie.

Nothing misses this girl's attention..

Winston sitting in between the two girls, Rose to the right and Lily on the left.

Winston: Can I go now ?
Girls are bird watching....

Poses in front of the banana trees. To the left, Winston, Max our Cheasapeake, Lily and Cervelo.

Winston and Rose .

Rose watching the suet which is hanging up above the hibiscus shrub which is still blooming with beautiful purple pink flowers.

Rose and Winston watching the squirrel together.

Winston and Lily checking out the action around the plant.

Lily and Cervelo. Love the expression on Cervelo's face, the Elvis look with the raised lip on right

Winston, Lily and Cervelo in front of banana trees.

Group picture of Winston, Rose Lily and Cervelo to the far right.

Many pictures taken as every picture has a different expression on either of the weims. Hard to chose just one picture when all are endearing and have different expressions!!!