Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A picturesque view on the mountain side of Port Moody which is located approx. 30 - 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Unusual for the city to have a White Xmas and then to continue to have snow right up to New Years Eve.

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Snow and more snow in our neighborhood.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cross country skiing with Cervelo and Lily

Stuart and myself took both Cervelo and Lily up into the forest trails just 10 minutes away from home to do some cross country skiing. This was the first time either Cervelo/Lily had been cross country skiing with us. In Vancouver, to receive this amount of snow all at once is phenomenal and a real snow experience for both myself, Stuart, and Weimanraners. As always, weimaraners take to a new sport with exuberance and enthusiam!! Stuart was taking the video at the time with myself trying to ski with two very exicited weimaraners.

Cross country skiing with Cervelo/Lily

Snow and more snow the perfect winter scene.
Lily and Cervelo joining in for some winter exercise of running and playing in the snow.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Grayce is pregnant with 6 - 7 puppies ? another one or two

WINSTON, father to be....

Grayce is presently pregnant with 6 - 7 puppies maybe even 8 puppies in total. Waiting for January 22, 2009 with anticipation of a beautiful litter of puppies. More pictures to come of Grayce in the following weeks.

GRAYCE, mother to be....

Winston warming his chest

Cervelo's journey through the snow....

Stuart took Cervelo up into a forest trail for some exercise. Stuart was trying out his cross country skis as there was enough snow to make hiking a challenge. Cervelo experienced his real first day out in snow, deep snow sometimes up to his chest. There was no hesitation on Cervelo's participation in any way and he took to the snow like a fish to water!

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Cervelo trying to keep his ears dry??

Plowing or scenting, not sure what is so interesting under the snow.

Note the curl in Cervelo's ear which is normally hanging down.

An Oops into the snow with a head plant.

Making tracks

With ear flapping Cervelo finds something to dig for in the snow bank.

Where did Stuart go?

All alone in the vast snow field.

Take off with ear flaps up. To move through the snow, Cervelo has to really push forward with his chest moving almost like in a serpentine or undulating motion.

Homeward bound..........
May have to click on picture to see Cervelo's facial expression**

Click on picture to see Cervelo better**

This snow trail went a long ways with Cervelo taking the lead.

A site to behold in city of Vancouver. SNOW......

Cervelo wondering just what is behind the pile of while stuff.

Our front door entrance.

A little Cervelo image is seen behind the snow pile. You may have to click on picture to see Cervelo.

Side of our house with the wall showing height of snow which has been accumulating the past few days.

Pictures taken at night of the surrounding trees/shrubs.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trek through deep snow..............................

Snow plowing through the deep snow.

Something under the snow has caught Rose's attention.

This is my stick!

Winston onto a scent.

Scent or Sound ? Only Winston knows.

Weims snow play in the forest.....

Three weims can be seen here, Winston, Lily and Rose were having fun in the snow, the biggest snowfall Vancouver has seen since 1971! Cervelo was with Stuart experiencing the cross country skiing up higher on forest trails.

Lily in her favorite chair

Rose sleeping with head support and tail support

Cervelo using pillow support while in his upside position.

Cervelo using the couch while chewing his rawhide treat.

Winston on the pet bed contemplating whether or not to fetch his stuffed hedgehog on the floor in front of him.

Cervelo enjoying his stuffed toy while Rose finds the toy a comfortable pillow for her head.

Rose sitting on the left with Cervelo hugging his stuffed toy.

Cervelo and Rose sharing some fireside comfort.

Do not disturb..........weim sleeping