Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015 CHRISTMAS WEIMS RoseWin Weimaraners wishing all + everyone a Very Merry Happy Xmas and Happy Holidays !!! : )

 A practice run with positioning ....  all in a good sit : ) This will be the first Christmas for Pixie + Hudson now a year old  getting their pictures taken for Christmas.

 PINK + her pups, Pixie + Hudson......

 Now for wearing of the Santa hats ... pup, Pixie first.

 Hudson not sure what this is all about and is keeping his distance and looking at PINK + Pixie wearing Santa Hats.....

 I am out of here as noted by Hudson's tail in the picture....

Hudson relishing the treat he had for sitting with the Santa Hat on his head....
PINK's Santa hat fell off during the photo session so I continued as the two pups were keeping theirs on.

Hudson, making a statement. How much longer ?


 Mother + daughter, PINK + Pixie

 Now for reindeer antlers ......

The reindeer antlers not well received by Pixie, while Hudson protested by not sitting when asked to. PINK could care less just waiting for the treats to come !

PINK's other pup Storm was also in the festive mood

I think Hudson is giving me  ' the nose '  with all this picture taking .

PINK's other puppy, Storm also wore her festive dress 

 A different set of weims.....
except for PINK

Lily with son Hugo
Cervelo with sister, PINK ...

LILY with her son, HUGO

Group photo Santa Weims

Looking back in the past Xmas'


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pixie loves to sit as close as she can to her mom, PINK who does nothing to accommodate her

 Weim play with PINK taking the attack position from the top while Hugo Is quite happy to stay on the pet bed during the toy battle.

Trying to stay awake.....

 A pack of weims .....

                           HUGO,   PINK,    PIXIE                CERVELO    ROSE    LILY