Friday, January 23, 2009

Checking out a new toy............

Cervelo examining this new toy, the kong

Lily, the ' Diva '

More than one Lily look of a DIVA.

Lily is stretched out to her full weimaraner length on the back of the leather couch burrowing her face into a soft feathery stuffed toy. Her favorite stuffed toy !

Puppy play, Cervelo with Lily.................

Cervelo initiates a head to head cuddle including a few love nibble and bites. Lily pretends to be disinterested and lays quietly on her pet bed.

Progress to some puppy slurpy licks....

A try to be coy or shy by hiding his head for a moment

Forget being coy, lets get down to mouth/teeth action,

Include the paws along with the mouth action...

Cervelo returns to his puppy lick and Lily takes it all in.

More licks......... no resistance from Lily


Sharing the couch , top to bottom.....

Cervelo with his toy now his pillow...

Lily takes the top position.

Cervelo is happy on the bottom with his toy.

Cervelo displaying the famous ' Elvis look ' with one side of his mouth lifted as Elvis was known for during his singing. A saying shared among the weimarner people.

Lily looking very relaxed and laid back with her back legs hanging off the back of the couch and a serene look in her face.

Family get together....

Mom, Rose (left side.) with her two sons, now 1 yr. old. Cervelo lying down and Dexter sitting beside him.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last puppy born to complete the litter............

The last puppy to be born was a boy pup completing the litter of 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls. Grayce is settling down to the business of being a nurturing Mom with all puppies nursing with gusto.

PUPPIES are starting to arrive.................

6:40pm Winston/Grayce puppies are starting to make their entrance into the world five days earlier than expected date. So far, one boy puppy and one 18 ounce girl puppy who was able to run behind her mother with the placenta still attached. Grayce is resting with more puppies still to come. Pictures to be posted as soon as possible.

8:30pm Two more boy puppies have made their entrance. One of the boy pups weighing in 19 3/4 ounces which was the reason a delay in the birthing. He was plugging the exit with his size ! More puppies still to come. Hoping for some girl puppies to even out the sexes.

11:00pm A girl puppy has arrived! One or two more to come...............

12:05am A boy puppy makes his way out. Waiting for more puppies...................

1:30am Another boy puppy. Last one?? Scroll down for Mom/puppy pictures taken right after puppies were born.

Another pup arrives 12:05am...............

A boy puppy is born at 12:05 weighing in at 19 ounces, 540 grams. Expecting more puppies, maybe two more. Mom Grayce is hanging in there, taking her time............

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Newborn puppies at 11:00pm.......

**Click on picture for enlargement**

Grayce and her 4 puppies at this time, 3 boys and one girl puppy. One more puppy has since arrived a girl pup and more still to come.............

Love the stripes!

Puppies seen here nursing

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weim Winter Apparel......

We still have snow and it is snowing again today!

Cervelo donning a scarf, Rose wearing a bonnet style toque covering the ears, Winston wearing a headband and Lily with the traditional toque.

Want to play?

Cervelo brings jumps onto the couch with one of his toys which he presents to Lily in the hope she will play with him.

Lily does not take the bait pretending to ignore Cervelo as he continues to chew on his toy on top of Lily.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Christmas Celebration, UKRAINIAN CHRISTMAS.....

In our household we celebrate two Christmas', Dec.25 and Jan. 6 , Ukrainian Christmas. So the weimaraners put on their Christmas look for this day.

Starting to the left is Rose, Cervelo, Winston and Lily.

Rose, on the left followed by Winston, Cervelo and Lily.

Cervelo watching the white pom pom dangling in front of his nose.

Cervelo trying to peek around Winston to see what Lily is doing. Lily is trying not to be noticed.

Rose with Reindeer antlers and Cervelo with Santa hat.

Winston wearing the Reindeer antlers and Lily with the Santa hat.

Both girls love to sleep in the master bedroom on top of the fluffy quilt which is covered by a very soft flannel blanket. Each girl has their own corner of the bed, with Rose always at the head end of the bed so to have her head on a pillow.
We call Rose the pillow queen.

Lily, sound asleep.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY New Year From my Weimaraners !

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year with health, happiness and prosperity in 2009 !

The lineup starting from the left, Rose, Winston, Cervelo and Lily.