Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ice Sculpting by Cervelo , one more snow day before spring is really here. And ways in which weimaraners use couches or pet beds for their means................

CERVELO  discovering a lump of ice which was the water which froze in the water dish overnight. So the fun begins..... what to do with this lump of ice.



what next ?



moving the ice block around the deck, such persistence !

getting a cold nose 

having a brief rest before going back to the ice block

chewing to make the ice block smaller

From the cold into the war.

Weims like to re-arrange couch covers whatever way works.
This is Rose's way of preparing her area for a snooze.

a little under the cover

now to roll on top of the cover

a little nip and tuck to provide some cover

mission accomplished

a very satisfied Rose

chewing bone session front to back


CERVELO  sleeping soundly

HUGO and PINK sharing couch space

LILY  with  her weim  ' nooking '

HUGO with his toy monkey

while HUGO snoozed I did some re-arranging of the monkey  ; )  

Each weim has a chosen toy from the toy box

HUGO'S  humongous prize , overstuffed bunny which he loves to carry around the house or just hold it in his mouth.

HUGO kept hanging onto this toy, strong teeth + jaws !

still holding making my jaw hurt just watching him

CERVELO  and his mother, ROSE


PINK  in action ... stalking or ?

Really, a point on one of her own


Enjoying a treat of licking out empty yogurt containers

How to get every lick worthwhile

from yogurt back to stuffies