Saturday, September 27, 2008

A longer obstacle course with a blooper at the end...

Lily and myself running, especially me................The tunnel, jumps, tunnel, jumps, climbing ending with the weave poles. Unfortunately I was unable to cue Lily the proper entrance into the weave poles resulting with Lily not sure of what to do. This is a handler blooper... with me not giving Lily precise directions either with body position or hand movements of where to go. My voice commands, body directions and hand movements all play a role in directing Lily through the obstacle course. We almost had a perfect run!!! Next time.........

Agililty with jumps, climbing and weaving............

This obstacle course involved a series of jumps in a circle followed by a quick turn to go up the A-frame and through the weave poles. Note with the jumps how a handler must be able to turn his or her's body in the direction you want the dog to go i for a smooth and successful run.

Lily and weave poles......................

Lily's first obstacle was the tunnel followed by the intricate weaving through all the poles which must be entered on the side of the Lt shoulder for a successful run. Lily has learned the art of the weave now to work on speed.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lily conquers the ' tire' in agility......

Lily decided to jump through the tire much to my surprise after many attempts to have her go through the tire rather than run under or beside the tire. Tire was the first obstacle followed by a jump then two tunnels, Lily's favorite. The rest of the obstacle ended with a series of jumps. A good work out for both Lily and myself.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Winston / Scarlet's daughter, Willow - Slideshow

Click on *puppy show* below for a puppy slide show of Winston/Scarlet's daughter at 9 weeks.
Willow is the purple collar puppy seen in Winston's blog under title Winston/Scarlets's puppies at 6 week stack position.

*puppy show*

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weim nose to kitten nose ..... almost..............

Lily not knowing how to deal with this kitten now
approaching her couch.

Almost a nose to nose contact, not quite.

To share or not to share......

Both Weimaraners want the empty Popsicle box.
Cervelo in the front has claimed the center of the box while Rose has her teeth on a corner.

Neither Cervelo on the left , Rose on the right want to give up possession of the box.

Rose now is on the corner edge..........

No winner in this game with both weims being competitive over ownership of the box.

What is so special about the box? The winner gets to tear the box apart into bite size pieces.