Saturday, October 27, 2012

READY FOR TRICKS or TREATS ....thinking more treats than tricks. HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the ROSEWIN gang

ROSEWIN WEIMS ready for treats ....

PINK   /   ROSE /  LILY /   CERVELO /   HUGO   


LILY      /     HUGO

ROSE     /     CERVELO


CERVELO  managed to keep this tall hat on for a quick picture

took a few tries to get the hat to stay on long enough for a picture

Looking debonair.....ready for the party

CERVELO     /     HUGO



HUGO's first Halloween and a first for wearing hat plus bow tie.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

From the beginning of the day to the end of the day. First some sunning, followed by a garden group photo onto finding just how many weims can fit in a sports car to creating a new breed of weimaraners, Leopard Weims

Enjoying the late morning sun rays.....

Time out for a group photo in the garden


Then made the mistake of saying, who would like to go for a car ride.
Well, guess what.... all the weims wanted to come and quickly filled the Miata.

no room for the driver

After feeling a bit squished with no room to move, ROSE
decided to find more room.

ROSE sitting comfortably and able to see everything  now.

CERVELO makes the decision to join ROSE in her elite position looking quite regal on his new seat

A little re positioning but still no room for the driver.

No one is leaving or moving from the Miata

EVOLUTION of a new weimaraner breed , LEOPARD  WEIMS