Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 20 -21 Nov.28 - 29, 2010

Teeth can be seen in the pups' mouths and their tongues are no longer curled but flat
indicating pups are close to weaning .

Strong legs giving pups a better nipple angle as seen with green/purple boys standing up on their legs .

While Rose cleans yellow pup she gets a ear nibble from another pup.

This pup is getting a thorough clean up after his meal

Vocal red pup after his meal.

Pup showing off his flat pink tongue.

Blue pup has a mission. Find the nipple find food.

A little bit of work to get at this nipple but the reward is a juicy fully milk sac.
Travelling over other pups to find another choice nipple.

This pup appears to have had too much all at once with paws outstretched.

A mix of pups still nursing while other pups have had their fill falling asleep with full bellies.

Stuck pup between two other pups, one sleeping while the other continues to nurse.
Blue boy pup has all the nipples to himself so has stretched himself out fully enjoying the freedom of moving from nipple to nipple.

Yellow girl pup returning for seconds.

Purple boy pup getting some attention from pink girl pup.

Purple boy pup

Red boy pup after a meal.
Pink girl pup stuck on top of another pup.

Pups after a meal

Pink girl pup chewing on purple boy's leg while he sleeps.

Red pup licking Mom's ear while Rose continues cleaning up a pup.

Pups after a meal.

This pup is going under neath Mom.This pup worked hard to get under... one wonders how pups can breath and suck at the same time.

Purple boy exercising his legs.

Red boy pup checking what lies on the other side of the box.
Pink girl pup is adventurous as well
Rose keeping an eye on pink girl pup as she attempts to climb out. She has her legs on the pig rail so is very close to escaping the box.

Meal time again! See how Yellow girl pup has decided to straddle the poor pup underneath who makes no attempt to move keeping grip on the nipple.

Pups and toys. To play with and sleep on top of.

Red pup caught in a bark.

Pup cleaning his toes.

Yellow pup has had enough for awhile.

his pup has fallen asleep on this toy.