Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weims getting into the Spirit of XMAS 2011

VINCES'S first visit with SANTA

CASSIAR, PINK & VINCE'S brother even dressed up for XMAS.

Every Xmas season the Brown Bear hugging the snowflake pine tree is brought out as part of the December tradition signifying beginning of the Christmas celebration.

Here are my four weimaraners with Xmas attire hoping to bring smiles to your faces and maybe a few chuckles.


Lets try the Reindeer Antlers.... PINK is not impressed with her head gear.
Could it be because it is not the same as the others?

Now the Santa Hats, a more comfortable fit.

Add some presents below the tree...

More background props, Xmas trees with lights.

PINK is starting to get restless and bored...
PINK is down....

PINK is starting to have a melt down....
and the melt down bribe will raise PINK's head !

PINK's goal : remove the Santa Hat
All other weims don't dare move.They want their treats!!
OFF with the hat.

Now I get PINK's full attention.

XMAS in the twilight zone

PINK's revenge on the Santa Hat

PINK actually managed to rid the Santa Hat of the white pom pom which I later found in evening under the counter. At least it was spared from being eaten !!

Before picture of PINK'S Santa Hat

After PINK had some time with the Santa Hat

and a

VINCE'S WISH LIST for SANTA, see below...
A lucky little boy got to meet Santa Paws last weekend. Not sure what he asked for for Christmas but I hope it's a custom leather collar, a 'suspicious chicken' toy and some peanut butter treats and a gnaw bone. Because that's what he's getting :) from owners, Tara and Steve.

TWO WEEKS TO GO, CERVELO / LILY PUPS ARRIVE. LILY can hardly wait. Getting much more difficult to jump over logs or balance on the logs and trying to fit into an armchair which is not one size fits all !!!! ; )

This is LILY'S most comfortable place to snooze and spread out. The warmth from the fireplace is a bonus !!!
HOW many pups ??? Lily is looking pretty big right now....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day spent with FUNGI and WEIMS. A day mushrooms were everywhere. Fascinating shapes/colors hard to ignore.And lets not forget the Weims

Our daily hike into the forest started like any other day. Down the leaf strewn path then I started to see mushrooms, on the forest floor, on trees, under leaves etc. Everywhere !! Amazing to find so many different sizes, shapes, colors and the weims were not at all impressed with them leaving me to take pictures while they explored all the nooks/crannies to be found. So indulge with me as I share these pictures of mushrooms I would never have thought to be interesting or even beautiful.

LILY judging the space between the two fallen trees. To jump or not to jump?
ROSE joins Lily. The trail continues on the other side of the fallen trees.
Decision made. Girls go between the trees. CERVELO goes for the jump, very gracefully I must say and with such ease. Those weims and their spring !

CERVELO clearing the two trees without difficulty.

This big mushroom was not easy to see. Blended well with the forest floor.

ROSE checking out the huge mushroom I was taking a picture of. One sniff was all it took and off she went to find something more exciting than a big ugly mushroom.




CERVELO watching me taking pictures of the lone mushroom on the fallen tree



The one place the weims are allowed to dig a hole....

Trail home..........

Found more mushrooms....

It was a long day ..... a very tired weim believe it or not