Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dog days of summer..........

Having the garden swing on the deck for those morning coffees shared with company of weims and birds, notably the Stellar jay who likes his morning peanuts.

Starting left, Rose Cervelo, Lily and Winston taking liberties of being senior weim he gets to lie down.

Here is the Stellar with his morning peanut......

I was sitting on the swing drinking my morning coffee when I observed the weims circling the deck particularly around where there was sunshine. Be it the head in the sun, the front end , backend, whole body, each weim had some sunshine on a body part.

Early morning sun is sought out by the weims as each claims their spot in the sunlight. Lily and Rose were first to position themselves while Winston the late arrival had to take the leftover space.

Lily preferring to get the whole body sun experience while Rose opted to sit in her sun patch.

Rose just taking in the sunshine.

Winston decided to sun his head and chest.

Here both weims side by side sharing the sun.

Of course as the morning wore on the sun patches changed with the weims also moving their positions to remain in sun.

Where do weims go when there is too much sun

Where to go when there is heat..

Lily and Cervelo found a cooler spot on the deck, under the swing.

Winston still looking for a cool spot...

Rose on the other hand enjoys some heat and is ready to sunbathe with me for awhile...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cervelo likes to ' tunnel '

Under the blanket Cervelo goes...

Pops out at the other end...

Checks below his paws...

Quick check around and behind.....

Oh, I have been watched.

Well, what are you looking at...

After all that work, its time for total relaxation!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Story of the rat in the barbecue vs the weims.

One fateful evening a tree rat decided to visit the barbecue at the same time the weims were going out for their pm walk.Rose,' the nose', was the first to smell/hear the rat in the barbecue. After persistent tracking around the barbecue I decided to assist Rose by opening up the barbecue doors which at the same time the rat made a quick exit. So now it is a daily ritual of the weims, notably Rose, to check the barbacue for any more rats! These pictures show the

persistent weim moves with a thorough check of the barbecue, from the front, side and back.

All four weims converge on the barbecue. Rose is near the back of barbecue with Lily, Winston and Cervelo at the front.

After I opened the barbecue doors Cervelo immediately stuck his head inside. Winston following his moves on the sideline letting Cervelo do all the work.

Cervelo continues to sniff around the inside.

Winston looks at me as if to say, Now what is he doing. Cervelo moves further into the barbecue.

Winston : How long is this going to take?

Rose finishing her check at the back goes to the front inside of the barbecue with Cervelo now eye balling the counter, maybe a sniff or two.Winston watching to see if any action need to take place.

Cervelo deciding no action on the top joins his Mom inside the barbecue in case she has found something he missed.Winston continues to wait for the next move.

Rose moves to the back of the barbecue since the front has been thoroughly searched with no rat in site. She is determined to find a rat, any rat...

Rose back to the front again, her tail wagging in anticipation. That rat has to be in here.

Cervelo returns again to check with Rose to see if there has been any developments.

Rose is deserted by all other weims who have decided there is no rat in the barbacue.

Rose is not going to give up her search.

Continuing the search.

In the end there was no rat and I was the one who ended the search otherwise Rose would still be there by the barbacue, waiting, watching....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Preferential Sleeping positions male vs female....

Cervelo loves to sleep on his back, totally laid back from head to toes.

Rose is more demure prefering to lay in lady like position with feet crossed.

Cervelo bee watching...

Cervelo was sleeping soundly on the sunny deck when he heard a buzzing sound of a bee at work in the flowers.

The bee moved a little closer towards Cervelo who wasn't quite sure what the next move should be.

The bee changed directions as Cervelo continued to monitor its movements with intent interest.