Monday, May 30, 2011

Never know what one will find deep in the forest.....

WINSTON still wanting to do the trails, at almost 10 yrs. of age the spirit is willing the body less

LILY joining us for a day on the trails....

A rest stop, took pictures of Weim heads just for fun. Whose head belongs to who?



CERVELO taking a short cut across a fallen tree



In between the trees or over top?

Over top
Giant fern with exploding new growth... so big so green!!

Checking out the crooked bridge.

Another crooked bridge....

Abandoned tree fort in middle of the forest

Something in a hole down there. The dig begins ...

Two heads better than one, ROSE joins CERVELO in the quest of finding whats in the hole.
ROSE takes charge of the dig...
The weims kept digging and digging and digging...
Persistent weims
The hole became very deep but nothing was found...thank goodness!

CERVELO points to a unique trail marker hanging on a branch.

A unique trail marker...

The Sprite pop can as a trail marker and the weims blend very well in the forest.

From dry trails into the swamp.....

WINSTON deciding the mud pond was not to his liking, delicately skirting around as not to get muddy paws.

Weims sporting a new look.... fashionable black boots...


ROSE with CERVELO who was more discreet with his mud dipping.

ROSE giving me the look.... lets go home now.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Puppy Vince has a FOREVER home

VINCE surveying his new digs

Dog nap..

VINCE with his new pull toy the ' SNAKE '

Hanging out on the couch

Need any help ? Here we are, underfoot of course.

Vince looking for dandelions, he just loves to bite off the tops. Will behead any dandelions free for anyone who needs this service ! : )

Vince's buddy, HONEY soaking up the sunshine.

THANK YOU , Tara and Steve.