Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A curious weim responding to noise beyond the garage door

Nose and eyes in action .....

Forget the eye/nose action lets get on with it.
Oops, a bit of a tight fit for this weim.

Think I will hang out with this water bottle til I figure out how to squeeze through that opening.

Recruitments have arrived as more weim feet appear under the garage door to check out what the commotion is all about. Weims love to be where there is action....the more the better !

Saturday, November 7, 2009

WEIMs in ACTION, the SQUIRREL has arrived !

Rose is the first to see the squirrel up in the cedar branches.

Rose follows the squirrels movements never taking her eyes off her prey.

Oh if I could just climb this tree.....

Lily joins Rose in the squirrel watch......Cervelo just waits.

The two girls, Rose in front with Lily covering the rear continue their vigilant watch.

Cervelo enters the scene and also watches intently...

All four weims join in on the squirrel watch....

Rose being the leader attempts again to reach that squirrel who is enjoying all the attention in the safety of the cedar branches.

After a long day of squirrel watching, Cervelo can be found on the floor with his favorite pillow.

Watching me making dinner.

Look no feet ! Balancing on front paws and rear end.....

But not for long, just enough time for a picture : )

Ahh.. more comfortable this way!

Rose loves her ice cream right to the bottom of....

It is a ritual for all weimaraners to have a lick out the ice cream bucket for any remaining ice cream once it has been scooped out into the ice cream container to be frozen. Rose makes sure she gets right to the bottom of the bucket as the only other weim to venture deep into the ice cream bucket is her son, Cervelo. Cervelo, also has no qualms about entering the depths of the ice cream bucket for a taste of home made ice-cream.