Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CERVELO / LILY PUPS 24 days old.......

***Click on picture once to increase size***

Pups are still enjoying Mom's milk having started on pablum in between meals in starting the gradual weaning process.

Socialization and interaction with themselves, Mom and toys of all different textures, shapes and sizes.

PINK girl sampling the pablum a whole new eating experience.

Mom having one on one with PINK pup. YELLOW pup is exploring the other side of MOM

The scene in the whelping box after a meal from Mom.


It is about this time pups have this inner desire to explore outside the box....what lies beyond.

Whatever it takes to get your milk the easy route or the hard route. This is one strong pup.

Kisses or nibbles ?

Another pup adventurer... for outside the box.


**** PUPPIES **** available to good homes.


Monday, January 23, 2012

PUPPIES' DAD celebrated his birthday doing what he likes best of all. The pups discovering moving faster in the upright position than the crawl

CERVELO, sire of the pups is now 4 years old. His pups are now 16 days old, growing bigger and moving faster !

One thing never changes, the pups will always crawl over Mom, Lily

Or crawl over each other...

On the move this time upright no belly dragging...

Returning to the belly position for the most important activity of the day, nourishment.

***For more pictures of CERVELO / LILY puppies go to LILY'S BLOG site***

****PUPPIES available to good homes**** see ROSEWIN PUPPY APPLICATION at top of RoseWin Blog.


Friday, January 20, 2012

CERVELO'S ADVENTURE DAY at the LAKE IN and OUT of the water


where have all the trails gone

Lets go that way ...

CERVELO takes charge to lead the way

What does a dog do when he is all by himself no other dog in site.....
He makes his own tracks...

The lake....
The allure of WATER ...

Making some splashes and waves...

Look at me spouting water from my mouth... you may have to click on the picture to make it bigger to see the stream coming out of my mouth.

Being an ice breaker with ice floes at the waters edge...

Shaking off some of the wet stuff...


Looking down the Inlet...

Next activity to find out what in under the water...

The view around the lake

SALVAGE OPERATION in the water. This time something big.

Someone is calling me... time to go

Back to where I started at the beginning....in snow.