Friday, March 26, 2010

Singing for our supper, Creative puppy agility,Some downtime and introduced to ' COKE '

PUPs now approx. 7 1/2 weeks old.

Here we are...all in a row.

Puppies know there is a meal being prepared just for them. And make it known they are more than ready to eat. With howl or howling together the pups seem to be almost singing in an off key puppy voice.

Introduction to the plastic lawn chair.

Puppies were very innovative creating their own agility fun with the plastic lawn chair. First circling the object to check it out. Any noises made from the chair moving had the puppies excited to keep making the noise. The more noise made the better

This boy decided to go to the extreme and venture on top.

A little hesitation then went for the gusto over the top.


A little push to check out the moves..

Next on to a tug o war...

Spending some time in the dog igloo...

Last pup out is a ' rotten egg ' (that sure dates me)

A little rough housing in the Igloo ...

Back to the lawn chair

After being outside most of the day it is time to go in for some down time. At least at a slower pace for these boys.

Then along came the Coke bottle which the pups all became fascinated with.

The pups were very good with each other allowing equal nosing /chewing time on the bottle. No fight over sole possession this time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It was a very warm sunny day for the pups to have their fun time outdoors.

Pups wasted no time jumping into the box discovering it was fun to chew on the cardboard and tear pieces off with their sharp little teeth.

The cardboard box activity didn't last for very long with me taking the box away as the pups decided to chew the cardboard bits like chewing gum.

I love this picture. Wonder what he is thinking?

Mom Rose's eyes....big and round

After spending most of the day outside the pups were ready to have a rest. This is the result of a good play day. Not one peep out of them....