Thursday, February 12, 2009

lazy winter days...............

Cervel0 dozing positioning his head for a direct visual of the kitchen island which may have a food windfall.

Shifty eyes, surveying the room without moving a muscle.

Winston enjoying comforts of a pillow and leather couch.

Winston and Rose sharing couch space.....

Winston with his pillow and Rose snuggling behind. Winston is soooo... comfortable he does not move an inch while Rose moves about to find her comfort zone.

**Will need to click on picture for a better view*

Rose's final resting position in to be on her back, all paws in the air.

Dexter comes for a visit........................

Dexter seen on the right is seeing his Mom, Rose far left and his brother, Cervelo.

Dexter and Cervelo are now a year old.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

23 day old Grayce/Winston Puppies.............

Pink and Orange puppies are the girls.
Blue, Red, Silver-gold puppies are the boys.

*Click on pictures for a bigger view*

Pink girl puppy with a ' halo '

Red boy puppy sticking out his tongue. Click on picture to see, puppy tongue.

Orange girl pup

Blue boy pup

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winston/Grayce 's puppies are mobile with open eyes.

*Click on picture for better viewing of pups*

Puppies are now 18 days old with open eyes and mobile on all fours. Teeth are starting to poke through felt when one offers a finger to suck on.

Monday, February 2, 2009

*Click on picture for better viewing of pups*

The two girl puppies with pink/orange ribbons now have homes. The remaining colors, blue, red and silver/gold looks like yellow are the boy puppies. Two boy puppies have home which leaves one boy puppy still homeless at this time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Carry on toy / pillow...................

After playing with her big orange pillow, Lily climbed on to her favorite perch, top of love seat, with her toy which now became a pillow.

Winston on a forest trail.....

winston and Lily tracking deer...................

Deer are plentiful in forest now that the snow is melting and there is foliage for them to snack on. Unfortunately the weims get closer to the deer than I do making it difficult to catch them on camera.The deer have no trouble losing the weims who are able to find them but not keep pace with their bounding down the steep mountain sides.

Winston holds a point with his right paw indicating something is ahead in the bush.

Winston either getting a better visual or caught a scent of something....

Lily stopping to listen, look and smell.

Trackng as a team.............Lily/Winston

Snow still covering the forest trails (Jan.19/09)

Something is out there as both weims pause to listen, see and scent as a team.

Lily on left side with Winston on right, able to see Winston holding a point.

Lily's attention is either on a bird or squirrel.......

Lily in foreground with Winston in background.

Lily getting a better view.....