Weimaraner puppies for show, performance, or companions

 ROSEWIN  REGISTERED WEIMARANERS home of champion weimaraners in Canada , United States + Internationally ( Australia/Europe)
Top Ten in Canada/ US since 2006  with titles in  conformation, obedience , field and agility which can viewed on all blog sites for each individual weimaraner.

My interest in weimaraners began when I saw a silver gray short hair dog running at a beach. As a physiotherapist working with muscles I was intrigued by the beautiful flawless movement of this dog which I later found out was a weimaraner. So I researched the weimaraner learning this breed was intelligent loved to be active  versatile in obedience ,agility, tracking, hiking , biking etc,  and made good companions in families. Hence I bought my first weimaraner in 2001 calling him Winston after Winston Churchill who was smart , confident + attitude. Winston was purchased as a pet but because he had all the attributes of a show dog I was encouraged by other weim breeders/owners to  enter the show world  with Winston at age 3.Winston excelled in the show ring with many group placements  becoming #1 Weimaraner in Canada in 2006. As weimaraners are known to be versatile I went to Competitive Obedience Trials with Winston earning his CD title. We also had done some tracking sessions which Winston loved.
 I decided to get a mate or companion weim for Winston who was always trying to play with my older Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Max who unfortunately had  bilateral hip dysplagia . Rose became Winston's companion/playmate for many years.When I had to choose a kennel name it was suggested to me to use my first male's name,Winston together with my first female's name, Rose, hence RoseWin Weimaraners.

All Stud dogs + breeding of weimaraners  adhere to CKC code of breeding ethics re Health Clearances, Registration + Pedigree .

 Puppies are bred for health, temperament , conformation and performance.

Whelped + raised  in  stimulating home environment with testing of their natural aptitude during their weeks of growth/development. This helps to match the puppy to his or her new owner as close as possible to their lifestyle.
Pups are socialized throughout their development with inside + outside stimuli (noises) which occur in everyday life until leaving for their home at 8 weeks.
Prior to going to their new homes all puppies are registered with CKC, Canadian Kennel Club, vet checked, wormed, declaws removed, vaccinated and micro-chipped . Each puppy will have their own puppy information packages, 2 year health guarantee and lifetime 24/7 breeder/mentor support as long as needed.

Viewing of pups is encouraged for serious puppy applicants who can contact me either by e-mail or phone. I highly recommend, if interested in the Weimaraner Breed to look at the quiz  ' Are you Ready for a Weimaraner ' which tells you accurately what one can expect living with the weimaraner breed.

Owning a Weimaraner is a full -time job, but one that , if well-done pays handsomely, The ' grey ghost ' is one of the most loyal, devoted and loving breeds in the world but they will expect the same level of devotion from you. Weims require lots of attention and will want to follow you everywhere, including the bathroom. If you sit down or lie down they will want to be near or touching you. A well -treated(loved) well -trained +  well-exercised Weimaraner becomes deeply attached to his owner forever.

If you are interested in a puppy please fill in the RoseWin  Puppy Application here or contact Donna Alarie.  Thanks

 "Quality is not expensive it's priceless"!