Thursday, September 30, 2010


Always starts with a pack of 5 ...

Always one in the pack more brazen than the others

CERVELO is his name.

You must see me ...

Surrounding you, ALL eyes on you.

Another tactic
Cervelo rests his chin on Stuart's knee....

Remember me, CERVELO is my name..

Still no response even with a close surrounding..

Weim pack disperses leaving patient Rose to continue her watch..




SCORCH (left sd.) and LILY

Monday, September 20, 2010

SUMMER is not over yet...

The boys' outing at Buntzen Lake. WINSTON / CERVELO / SCORCH

Scorch and Cervelo challenging each other for the bumper.

Full steam ahead, Cervelo reaches the bumper

Got it !!

Retrieving the bumper so a nice relaxed swim back to shore

Cervelo making a splash with this retrieval

More than one way to carry a bumper

Cervelo found his bumper. Winston still looking.

Forget looking for the bumper, lets get Cervelo's

Winston pursues Cervelo who swims even faster.

Two weim heads heading way outin pursuit of a bumper

Winston's goal, to get Cervelo's bmper.


Does Cervelo know he is being pursued?

Two weims, two bumpers making waves in the lake.

Waterlogged weim with waterlogged bumper

The lake is a reservoir so no power boats, just canoes or kayaks. There are trails all around the lake with beach at both ends and a beautiful forest of trees. A weims paradise of swimming and hiking

This picture has beautiful water reflections. Click on picture to see the patterns in the water


Scorch is the receiver of the retrieval which is Cervelo bringing in the bumper.

And needless to say, Cervelo is not co-operating with passing over the bumper to SCORCH.

I love this picture with the patterns of light in the lake as Cervelo is swimming. Click on picture to really see the water patterns.

A picture showing dog waves in contrast with calmness in the lake with puddles of light reflections.