Friday, April 23, 2010

Pup now 11 weeks old.....

This is the remaining pup from the repeat breeding, ROSE/CLAY 2009, the Three Musketeers..... Porthos ,big/strong (purple pup), Athos, noble one (green pup) and finally Aramis, smart one which is blue pup whom is still waiting for that special home.

Cervelo, as a pup,loved to pose like this as well. This pose runs in the family,mom Rose and her sons.

No one has to teach this pup the art of removing stuffing out of a toy. This stuffed lion is almost as big as the puppy himself but no size is too big for this boy!

Mom Rose and Aramis snoozing together.

This pup likes to hang out in the garden, of course sitting right in the middle of a clump of primroses.

Do you think anyone will see me take a nip of this leaf?

Something seen by the pup...

After a day of gardening, helping to prune a few bushes and remove some leaves. A hard days work deserves a rest, no matter where.

This sleeping position runs in the family being one of Mom Rose's favorite positions when she was a puppy.

Pup's own bed.

Pup poses on the pet bed.

Think posing for pictures is getting boring for this pup. Giving me the tongue !!!

I found the coffee table, like Cervelo did.

Mom and son pose together.

Rose looking at the pup as if to say, what are you doing here... this is my spotlight.!!


This stuff smelled good but how do you eat this..

Takes some chewing...

And more chewing....

Sharing the chair with Mom Rose is in her favorite position, draped over the top.

Pup seems to be watching something on the couch....?? maybe some food crumbs.

Pup 10. 5 weeks old

Spring has sprung with everything starting to grow as the pup continues to grow.

As a weim, couches are the place to be taken advantage of.

Even if the couch space is already occupied this pup decides to try the upper level using Lily as a prop. Lily can't believe the nerve of this weim pup who totally ignores the look she is giving him.

Like his brother, Cervelo the pup loves to sit on the chair armrest and view the world around him.

Another soft spot to lounge is one of the pet beds in the family room. Pup always centers himself in the middle of the bed then proceeds to stretch outwards.