Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BOY dog finally meets GIRL dog next door....

Daisy, the wheaten terrier next door always would watch my weimaraners play through a knot hole in the fence. Daisy and the weimaraners have only met each other through the knot hole. One day, a fence panel ' fell ' or was pushed out by one of the dogs.I quickly grabbed my camera and started clicking with no time for any camera adjustments....hence the grey fuzzy not in focus pictures.

CERVELO is very excited. A new girl to woo....

Wheaten's nose to Weimaraner's nose....DAISY meets CERVELO for the first time.

CERVELO goes into action presenting himself as an available stud ....

DAISY decides to be coy and play hard to get. CERVELO looking for his new found girl friend deciding to follow here only to discover just his head would fit through.

So close yet still apart

CERVELO never did make it over to the other side of the fence, the panel is back is place with the wheaton and weims watching each other through the knot hole in the fence til another fence panel happens to fall out again.

Monday, November 28, 2011

THANKSGIVING DAY at the CLEARY 'S ranch in Montana. November 2011

Friends of the CLEARY RANCH sent in pictures of dogs and fun !

Who is having more fun ? !!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Successful breeding of CERVELO and LILY with expectations of a lovely spring 2012 litter





Refer to CERVELO's and LILY's blog site for their pedigree, OFA hips/elbows CKC /AKC registration and Championship certificates as well as more information and pictures.

NOTE: puppy application on right side of blog

Friday, November 11, 2011

Watching the big screen just one of the weims activities in a day......

Walked into the office to find CERVELO on top of a crate checking out the shelf. Good jump up onto a small platform.

CERVELO found the stuffed hedge hog I put away to repair a hole.
PINK being coy...

LILY with her stuffed hedgehog

PINK giving herself a pedicure...

Each weim has their favourite sleeping positions either on the couch or on the pet bed.

I loved the way LILY's ears were with both her front paws tucked.

ROSE is known for her on the back yoga stretch
PINK prefers part floor part bed bed with her head always lower than her legs.

CERVELO either on the back or on his side with back paws up

Treat time. Weims must all sit and watch.

Weims watching the big screen. All weims were very interested in the TV show of wolf packs hunting.

CERVELO all paws and teeth....this is a relaxed weim
CERVELO and PINK sharing couch space.

I loved PINK's expression...almost looks like a smile : )

ROSE on a point .... something under the table

Calling all weims....something under the table
CERVELO makes the first move being leader of the pack.

Bit of a tight squeeze....
Try another angle....
Nope, has to be in this space....
Weims are known for their persistence....never give up
ROSE stands by to share in whatever CERVELO finds.

This activity would have continued for the rest of the day so I had to go under the table and find out the just what was under the table so appealing to the weims. Something as small as a cheerio or big as a cracker the weims will find it.