Monday, January 26, 2015

Puppies 8 weeks and going to their new homes

PINK  x  ICON  pups now 8 weeks old as of Jan.6th 2015

 last puppy cuddle together as a pack of 5 


Something is there...

Checking out their new crate.....

Some pups leaving today, Red girl and Green boy. Getting a group picture proved to be very challenging as you see in the following pictures  : )

Green boy with owner,Tiffany

The three remaining pups, Black boy, Yellow girl and Pink girl

The two girls exploring the deck

Yellow girl

Pink girl

Mom PINK  visiting pups

Something new on deck...

Yellow girl taking the lead with pink pup close behind

Hugo with his bone....keeping it safe from marauding pups

Cervelo with his bone , watching for pup 

pink pup cuddling on top of yellow girl

Puppy place 

Two pups left, two girls

wrinkle forehead 

 how to get the bottle out of the tire

game of chase

two puppy bums

pink girl on left , yellow girl on right

yellow girl soon to be leaving for Nova Scotia

pink girl

PINK playing with her pups....

PUPPIES  named and  with their new owners,




VISION at 12 weeks


TALO  at 12 weeks