Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Rose, Ch GraytSky Ansons Royal Flush Blush on the left side of picture and Cervelo, RoseWin Ansons shown here waiting for the show to begin.

The Western Washington Weimaraner Club puts on a Specialty Show every August at the King County Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington.
This year a total of 59 weimaraners with a total of 84 entries participated in the dog show. There were entries for conformation, competitive obedience and agility taking place the weekend Aug.22 - 24, 2008.

This is Cervelo, 7 months old in the conformation ring with professional handler, Rowan Norris Jones. A Judge goes over each dog in the ring comparing him/her to a mental picture of the perfect dog of that breed.
Each dog is judged for the following attributes:
1. Physical structure(head, teeth,feet,amount of bone, etc.
2. Condition(weight, coat condition, muscle tone, etc.)
3. Gait as seen from front, side and rear.
4. Temperament- showmanship, personality.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rose, Am/Can Ch GraytSky Ansons Royal Flush Blush in the show ring

Rose in the Western Washington Weimaraner Specialty Show ring with Rowan Norris-Jones.

Here in the show ring the professional dog handler in this case Rowan Norris-Jones, uses his or her handling skills to achieve the perfect stack. Stack referring to a standard position in stance for the Weimaraner Breed. The handler uses her voice, hands and the most importantly a bait the weimaraner loves to eat. Bait can be chicken, beef, weiners, cheese etc.

Once the handler has achieved the perfect stack position he or she tries to keep the position til the Judge can see how good the Weimaraner looks.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Keeping show in the family............

Here is the show dog family picture:

Starting on the left side.

RoseWin Classic Schwin of Ansons, Schwin.

RoseWin Ansons Cervelo, Cervelo or Cervo for short.

GraytSky Ansons Royal Flush Blush, Rose.

Schwin is still sporting her Lucky No. 7 on her chest. Mom, Rose also has white on her chest in the shape of a star.

After the dog show


After the show day both Cervelo and Rose look forward to a rest in an pet friendly air conditioned motel with fluffy quilts on Queen size beds. One for each weimaraner.

Rose, the pillow queen, has found the perfect sleeping spot between two fluffy pillows.

How about some stretching .....

Rose performs a series of stretches as she revelies on the quilt.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tucked in Weim curl after the show

Cervelo taking a nap close to his Mom, Rose.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lily in beginners agility class................

Lily and myself have being doing agility classes for the past few months which has been a fun exciting learning experience for both of us. Mostly, the learning experience has been on my part with learning how to use my voice and body movements to direct a very willing energetic Lily through the obstacle course. This demo shows only a few of the obstacles in an agility course and hope to show more of this fun filled event as able. And then there are the bloopers.......

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time out to relax and zone out.........................

Winston with the hedge hog and Lily with what is left of the octopus are relaxing using their kneading technique with paws and teeth.

Lily shown with what is left of the stuffed toy octopus.

Pillow substitution...... a stuffed hedge hog toy.

Lily and her stuffed hedge hog which she loves to carry around in her mouth and use as a pillow when having a snooze.

Lily loves to climb onto the top of the leather couch then stretch out to her full length extending her front and back legs. This time she has brought along her pillow substitute, one of her favorite toys.

Trying out a new sleeping position..................

Winston on the couch complete with blanket and pillow.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The two SCHWINS, weimarnarer and the bike........

RoseWin Classic Schwin of Ansons, weimaraner call name, Schwin.

Schwin, 6 months old posing in front of Schwin, the road bike.

Schwin is Cervelo's sister (Rose/Clay litter) who presently is living in Battle Ground, Washington USA.

ROSEWIN CLASSIC SCHWINN of Ansons still a Lucky Seven

Schwin, as a young puppy displaying a white no. seven on her chest. Hence the nick name, Lucky Seven for this little girl.

This white no. seven looks just like a perfect tattoo!

Schwin growing up as seen in this photo still with her lucky seven on her chest. This picture taken Feb.22/08.

Now at 6 months of age, Schwin is still a Lucky Seven puppy.
**Click on Schwin to have a better view of the white seven on her chest**