Thursday, November 20, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT REMEMBRANCE DAY PUPPIES delayed out of respect for those lost lives in the past and present. PINK and ICON are proud parents of five healthy puppies. Three girls and Two boys !!! : )....

PINK  x  ICON  pups  5+ weeks old

PINK x ICON  pups  5 weeks old 

PINK  x  ICON  pups 4 1/2  weeks old

boy pup (blue)

Girl pup (red)

PINK  x ICON  pups 4 weeks old

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the last supper ......
before weaning   

PINK  x  ICON  pups 3 weeks old

PINK keeping a watchful eye on this boy ...

Planning the great escape.....

Pups play ball ...

nose nibbles....

having a conversation one on one ....

standing in the corner....

quiet refuge under pig rail....

snack time, horray !

Pup nibbling on Mom..

playing with Mom's ears from both sides ....

we know there are nipples somewhere under here....

 Pup attack from all sides....

 Mom means business....

finally all pups in one spot where I can watch them .....

 note yellow girl chewing on red girl's ear ....

PINK  x ICON  pups  2 weeks + 3 days old

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yellow collar = girl pup
pink collar = girl pup
red collar = girl pup

blue collar = boy pup
green collar = boy pup

each to his / her corner  : )

vigilant Mom, PINK

Green boy was the first to attempt an escape....has yet to find a way

Puppy play with action and sound affects ....

 sisterly love, Red/Pink collar

Brothers sticking together, Green + Blue collar

PINK  x  ICON  pups 2 weeks old 

Green boy first one to peak over the edge 

PINK  x ICON  pups  at 1 week old......

PINK  x ICON  pups   5 days old ....Nov.16, 2014

PINK  x  ICON  pups  4 days old    Nov. 15, 2014

              PINK keeping an watchful eye while her pups are weighed

Green collar = boy
Blue collar = boy
Yellow collar = girl
Pink collar = girl
Red collar = girl

*** PINK  X  ICON  pups ***     2  days old  Nov.13,2014

PINK's  first litter, a new mom  with 2 day old pups.

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BIRTHDAY   NOV. 11th,  2014

Green collar  boy puppy=largest
Blue collar boy puppy
Orange collar girl puppy
Pink collar  girl puppy
Red collar girl puppy = smallest

 delayed out of  respect for those lost lives in the past and present.  

PINK and ICON  are proud parents of  five healthy puppies.

Three girls and Two boys   !!!      : )

More photos of PINK  X  ICON  can be seen below including pedigree and OFA documents. 

PINK will soon have puppies like her brother Cervelo has with Pryze in Australia which can be viewed on Cervelo's blog site.

Cervelo ( PINK's brother)  x  Pryze pups (Australia)


AM/CAN Grand Champion Rosewin's Legacy How She Moves

** presently #1 Female Weimaraner in Canada with limited
showing **

although no official title, PINK has participated in Agility classes over the years proving  to be a 'rocket' weim in  agility courses !

***click on picture for better viewing***

PINK  with Hugo her buddy.

                                                                                     PINK  getting gentle kisses on the ear.

DAY  40


Icon, who will be 2 yrs. old November 5th lives in Prince George with his owner, breeder and handler Coreen Belshum  of  Target  Weimaraners.

Icon was #2 Sporting Dog Puppy in Canada for 2013 continuing to win Best Male Weimaraner Puppy in Canada.

Icon completed his GRAND  CHAMPION  at 20 month and is presently working towards his American  Champion with a 5 point major.

Countdown is on for pups . Here is  PINK  day 48

                                                           PINK   DAY  50

                                                        Mother Rose with daughter, PINK    

          PINK  is always as close to heat as she can get

Mother Rose sharing pet bed with PINK who again closest to the heat

             The three girls, Rose, PINK in the middle and Lily

DAY 54

XRAYS  tomorrow, Nov.3/14  to find out how many pups 

How many pups can you see ?

HINT:  count the skulls or the spines 

DAY 60

Time for the whelping box 

After some  ' nesting '  ie re -arranging the quilt  PINK settles in.