Thursday, November 27, 2008

Special canine stir fry.......................

All eyes upon the special dish being prepared for all dogs.

All dogs have to have manners, sit and stay before being served this treat.

On stay.....................

Still obeying the stay command while temptation sits so close....

This is a long stay .......

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finally the ' okay ' command meaning lets dig in!

Licked clean, not a speck to be seen.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family dog show competition, mother vs son.................

This weekend in Cloverdale, the Elsie Murray Canine Centre Society held a Three All Breed Championship Show November 21-22-23, 2008.

Rose and her son, Cervelo (11 months old) were competing together in the same show ring.

Nov.21,2008 Rose won Best of Breed continuing onto Sporting Group to win Group 1 and finally in Best in Show making the ' Cut' handled by Rowan Norris Jones.
Nov.22,2008 Cervelo, won Best of Breed continuing onto Sporting Group to win Group 4 then winning Best Puppy in Group handled by Rowan Norris Jones.

Rose, Cervelo's mother won Best of Opposite.

Nov.23, 2008 Cervelo won Best of Breed making the ' Cut ' in Sporting Group then winning another Best Puppy in Group.

Rose won Best of Opposite again.

A mother and son show team this weekend.!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Super sized dog bed ..................

Starting from left side is Lily, Cervelo and Rose.

Cervelo quite attentive with my attempts to take pictures from different angles.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winston under Interrogation ................

What did I do?

No, it wasn't me!

No way............

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ice cream licks...........

After making home made ice cream which all canines watched intently complete with drools, we decided to test who would be the daring one to lick the inside of the ice cream canister. All dogs sniffed and licked the outside circumference of the container, but only one brave weimaraner would enter into the depths of the canister for a savory lick of melting left over ice-cream. Rose started slowly at the entrance then continued to progress further into the container. All dog eyes were upon her but none would enter the container.

Cervelo watching his mother continuing her licking inside of the container decided to try some licks along the outside rim then.............

some ice cream must have dribbled down Rose's head as Cervelo took upon himself to lick the leftover ice cream drips.

Sun Light SPA for Weims.........................

With less summer sun any time a patch of sunlight shines onto the floor there is immediate occupancy of a weimaraner. In this instance, Rose has found a select patch of sunshine and is enjoying the warmth from head to tail.!

Shortly after Rose claims her sun spot two more weims, Lily and Winston arrive to bask in the sunlight.

Cervelo finally arrives only to find all prime sunspots taken leaving him to wonder just where he will be able to sit or lie.

Rose's roost..................

I had picked up everything off the floor in preparation for vacuuming which included lifting all doggie beds/pillows then left to some other chores. When I returned, there was Rose curled up in a tight ball sleeping on the dog bed. How she jumped up onto the dog bed/pillow without anything slipping onto the floor remains a mystery.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rose shows at Canada's Largest Dog Show at Tradex with a total of 6,363 dogs entered.

**NOTE: This picture of Rose was taken at her last dog show, Fraser Valley Oct.10 -13, 2008 as seen on Rose's blog.

Canadian/American Champion GraytSky Ansons Royal Flush Blush, Rose, seen here in the picture with her handler, Rowan Norris Jones competed with 768 Sporting Breeds for four days at Tradex, in Abbotsford where Canada's Largest Dog Show takes place.
Canada's Largest Dog Show is shown every year in the month of October, from Oct.30th, 31st, November 1st & 2nd, 2008.
The show put on by the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of B.C. showcase the Canadian and International dogs chosen to represent the best of their breeds for Conformation Championship Shows, Obedience Trials and Rally Obedience Trials.
Conformation, Championship Shows were judged by a panel of International Judges.

Oct. 30th, Rose won Best of Breed with Judge, Mr. Eugene Blake from U.S.A. Rose was the best out of all the weimaraners participating in the ring.

Oct, 31st, Rose won Best of Opposite with Judge, Mr. Ricardo Torre-Simoes from Brazil meaning she was the best female of the weimaraner group.

Nov.1st, Rose won Best of Breed with Judge, Mr. Jack Ireland from Canada. With winning Best of Breed, Rose then competed at the Sporting Group level winning a Group 3 with Judge, Mr.Luis Pinto Teixeira from Portugal. T.S.N. who films other international dog shows such as the US's Westminster and England's Crufts filmed the Sporting Group Judging which will be televised at a later date.

Nov.2nd, Rose won Best of Opposite with Judge, Mr. Javier Sanchez from Spain.

Cervelo, Rose's son showed very well all four days winning Best Puppy.

Congratulations to Rowan, Rose and Cervelo for putting on such a good showing.