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August - September updates on Weimaraners' PUPPIES, Dog shows, Activities and .....

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 A Cervelo son, KAYDIN  on summer vacation with owner Kevin , 6 days of camping which included kayaking, climbing, beach-coming and hiking .

Weims make great companions

Weims love to camp

Yes, weims like to go fishing !

Weims love snow

Weims love to model or show their teeth

Weim love other weims enjoying a good run 

Weims love to explore the outdoors 

Weims love to hike

Weims like to have a nap after a good hike or run or swim

Weims love to be part of a family 

Weims love to  boat 

Weims love to track, squirrels, birds etc.

Weims love to swim 

Yes, weims even like cats 

or children 

Weims love to be loved 

PUPPY LITTERS on the ground and UPCOMING  LITTERS in Canada + Australia 

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CERVELO (Rose x Clay) son, DOM in Australia bred to BIS/BISS/RUBISS/MRUBIS SUP CH Ghostwind U Have My Numba ET

Ghostwind Weimaraners are very pleased to announce that BIS/BISS/RUBISS/MRUBIS SUP CH Ghostwind U Have My Numba ET has today been confirmed in whelp to Multi Class In Show winning Lukedom Surpryze Party (AI). Enquiries to Sue Shrigley

DOM now an Australian CHAMPION 

Ch Lukdeom Surpryze Party ( AI ), DOM

  Winning BEST AUST BRED IN SHOW at 2015 Royal Launceston Show

with handler, Jess Cullen


CERVELO now an Australian Grandpa to 7 girls + 4 boys

Ghostwind Weimaraner are thrilled to announce that our stunning BIS/BISS/RUBISS/MRUBIS Sup Ch Ghostwind U Have My Numba , Charli has whelped a manageable litter of 11 to our up and coming youngster  DOM , MRUBIG Ch Lukedom Surpryze Party (AI). 7 bitches and 4 dogs makes it a truly unique split at Ghostwind.Oct.13/2015

SCORCH's  (Rose X Clay) daughter,  MAPLE  in Australia is having another litter due in October 2015.

Maple, CH Ghostwind You Are A Star was bred to Aston, Cruisenif Rev It Up.

hunting baby lizard in grass 

 head shot of the sire - Ch CRUISENIF Rev It Up - ASTON



Xray showing ? pups on board  !  taken Sept.29

61  days 

Regina De Silva She's, eating, drinking, digging n now sleeping under the aircon . ️Puppies kicking inside n poor maple has to stretch n Stretch till they are in place then a kick ... Seriously the little ones 

Puppy girl is first to arrive

MAPLE with her 9 puppies, 5 girls + 4 boys born Oct.6,2015 

Happy to report Mom + pups all strong /healthy confirmed by home visit vet post whelping 

CERVELO (Rose x Clay) daughter, Hannah bred to True with puppies due in Oct.2015

' HANNAH'  Can/Am/GCH GodsAngels Warrior Princess 

' TRUE ' Am/Can/GCH/GCHEX /MBIS/MBISS/Koping WinWeim Say Its True

9 days to go till puppies!!!! My girl is such a sausage.

Xray taken Sept.27 2015

CERVELO daughter, Hannah bred to True has puppies Oct.4, 2015

ANNOUNCING  arrival of 8 puppies , 5 girls + 3 boys 

CERVELO / DELTA pups in Tasmania, Australia 

Ghostwind is very happy to announce the safe arrival of Delta (BISS/RUBISS Ch Ghostwind Smokin Delight ( AI ) and Cervelo (MBIS ITL/CAN GR CH Rosewin Ansons Cervelo) 10 puppies,7 boys + 3 girls  on Aug.21, 2015 Thanks to the staff at Northwest AnimalHospital and Hobart Animal Hospital for your assistance with the litter.

Pick male is available to a show home, anyone who is interested please contact Sue Shrigley.
This is a beautifully line bred litter to Mac and his sister Rose and incorporating BuzyFeet American Idol through Cervelo and Delta being the granddaughter of Ch Ghostwind Vivien Leigh who herself is a granddaughter CH Colsidex Grauhund Just Jeans.



The lovely Delta aka Ghostwind Smokin Delight celebrated her 1st Birthday on September 13, Sunday. This little 'delight' has achieved so much in the last 12 months. Multi Class In Show winner, Multi Class In Group Winner and is over half way to her Champion title with several BOB awards from the Puppy Classes against full adult competition. We look forward to what the next 12 months will bring

CERVELO x DELTA  pup at 5 weeks old

Miss Loui

Ghostwind Louise Vuitton

First stacked shot of Miss Loui aka Ghostwind Louise Vuitton. Shots of litter brothers and sisters to follow.
An absolute trooper for her first stack.

Rosewin Weimaraners In Show   

AM/CAN Grand Champion Rosewin's Legacy How She Moves

** #1 Female Weimaraner in Canada with limited showing in 2014 **

although no official title, PINK has participated in Agility classes over the years proven to be a 'rocket' weim in  agility courses !

PINK ( Rose X Clay) daughter 

PINK (Rose x Clay) daughter, PIXIE

PIXIE , Rosewins Iconic Rnway V Target, daughter of PINK is making her show debut with her first show in the US winning a major at Willamette Specialty Show and then winning over Specials at Kamloops All Breed Show a Best of Breed and a Group Four.

Willamette Specialty Show in US

Kamloops All Breed Show in Osoyoos

PINK daughter +sister to Pixie,  VISION

PINK (Rose x Clay) son , TALO is presently #2 in Top Ten Weimaraners in Canada.

#2 Weimaraner CHAMP; #2 Sporting Dog Puppy

Do you have a Weimaraner ?

weims + flowers 

weims + babies 

weims + horses

Some Weimaraner Humor

Where is my dinner ? !!!

Weimaraners know how to get what they want.