Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Photos taken 2017-06-11 Cervelo X Pixie two pups, Bos + Khaleesi (13 weeks old) including Grandma PINK : )

Blue collar pup now called Khaleesi

Photos taken from my kitchen window so pups did not see me 
True candid photos ! : )

Blue collar is girl pup, Khaleesi

Green collar is boy pup, Bos

Khaleesi cleaning Bos' ear after their afternoon meal....those long ears are always in the food bowl

Some love nibbles + licks from Bos


On the prowl


Grandma PINK in background ...

Mastering stone steps

Exploring garden tiers .....


 Cervelo, Sire of pups

 The family, Cervelo, Pixie Bos + Khaleesi


X-pen views